ESS have extensive knowledge and experience in the power generation industry and specifically working on excitation systems, we offer the following services:

  • PMG Insulation and resistance checking.
    • Re-magnetisation.
  • Exciter field winding resistance checks.
  • Rotating diode inspections and part replacements.
  • Rotor Ground fault monitor setup and calibrations.
  • Automatic voltage regulator commissioning and optimisation.
    • EX2000.
    • EX2100.
    • EX2100e.
    • Brush Micro AVR.
    • Brush A10.
    • Brush A30.
    • Brush A32.
    • Brush A3100.
    • Basler DECS 200.
    • RX3i.
    • Bespoke systems (please contact us for specific systems).

Tailored testing for specific grid requirements.

  • Step response.
  • Potential transformer under voltage (PTUV)
  • Volts/hertz. (24)
  • Overvoltage. (59)
  • Undervoltage. (27)
  • Under excitation.
  • Over excitation.
  • Reverse power. (32)
  • Short circuit testing, single (59N) and three phase (87), in and out of zone.

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